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Wednesday, May 27, 2009 @ 12:20 AM

random but i have moved to


Thursday, April 16, 2009 @ 3:40 PM

I'm here to blog
haha i just received huiyuan's bday card yday
and she told me to blog.
wasn't expecting anything from you
so when i saw the card got gan dong de feel
somemore write in chinese.
thanks =))
at first i tot the borders were part of the card
until i looked closer and realise that she drew that herself.
haha XD

of cos and not forgetting my frens who came all the way to surprise me!!!
really clueless at first
thank you shuning for organising
and not letting me experience a luo mo bday
thank you jiaxian for coming all the way from hall
thank you meixin for ermm joining in the fun
and sianwei for driving them to my house
lols =))
and ya thank you ah ma for celebrating my bday twice with me =))
gan shou dao ni de ai <3

and of cos thanks soulmate and haniff for the bday treat and present.
and my family for celebrating my bday with me =))
haha my real ah ma came to my house to give me hongbao!!!

yeah so all in all i didn't have a luo mo bday i initially tot i would have
thanks to such great frens and family.
promise to blog abt my bday after exams okayy.
yeah huiyuan you heard me!!
i shall BLOG about my day after exams alright =))

and thanks to all my frens for the bday sms and msg on my wall
lols =)))

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 @ 6:08 PM

this is a blog entry dedicated to huiyuan
my first blog entry of year 2009
special hor.
so now you all know my reason for not blogging
it's to save it for huiyuan

anyway just went to the airport to send her off.
come to think off it
everything really happened in a flash
from last year when she decided to study in australia
to her applying for the uni
to her being accepted by the uni
and to her boarding the plane today to study her dream course

evrything happened in a flash
and now that she's gone just lidat
my heart feels empty
i can feel my tears as i'm typing this
i'm really a strong cry-er
haha can cry anytime anywhere
i'm such a weakling. haha

but i really feel proud and inspired by her
i asked her why she didn't cry at the airport
and she said crying will mean regretting
and she has no regrets to the path that she chose
which is absolutely right. =))
such bravery and i admire her for that..

anyway i believe 5 years will pass in a flash
and you will be reunited with us soon ~~~
i'm really scared i will lose my friends when i get older
jiaxian was like saying next time when we have children will we still keep in contact
cos we realise our mama de fren v limited
and mostly formed by their children's classmates' mummies
which left both of us worried that we won't have friends in future too
hope it's just cos we duo xin

i didn't know i will be this sad when you leave
but when you really left i felt really empty within
realised that friendship is such a powerful force
and i had such a great time with all my BFFs
i need to learn to treasure them
and not take them for granted
cheers to our 7 years of friendship
and never once choosing to give up on any one of us
love ya guys!!!
keep in CONSTANT contact
and update your blog frequently okay ah yuan!!!

"True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation."- George Washington

photos up soon~~~
i want photos!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008 @ 11:29 PM

It's the last day of november
so here's a summary of the birthday parties of the nov babies
first up is jiaxian's bday on 3 november =))


haha at 12 midnite
me and xue went to her room to surprise her
with breadtalk's mango cake
thou it was half melted by the time we reach her room
but still edible lah..

the next day this silly girl was expecting her baddie to come celebrate her bday for her
but me and xue acted really well and her hopes of baddie coming diminished
just then baddie surprised her with another cake
haha this time a carrot cake which was quite nice actually.
then after that the two of them soaked in their own happiness
while xue came to bunk with me to watch painted skin

next up was xue's bday 15 nov


this girl went to study with her monkey
then meanwhile me and jiaxian went to jp to get the stuff ready
we blew balloons and arranged the presents nicely on the bed

we waited till ard 2am plus then i decided to go back to my room cos my laptop was out of batt
just when i decided to take a short nap
jiaxian called me and said that xue was coming back
wad a move
then i rushed to her room but i forgot the matchsticks
and suay suay i had to see xue when i was on my way down to get the matchsticks
so paiseh
haha but the surprise went well except for the matchsticks part

and then was shuning's bday on 28 nov


i planned her bday while i was studying for exams
den zi high abt how purr-fect the plan was
i wrote the plan on paper somemore
some hiccups happened on the day itself
but phew she didn't suspect anythg until the k box waiter spilled the beans -___-
purr-fect plan you know.
so i met her in the afternoon where we proceeded to marina square
then we went to k box at night..
meixin even called the staff to tell them to say only got 2 pax instead of 6 pax.
thanks gal.
but when we went into the room the k box waiter said later still got ppl coming rite

den i wanted to say only got 2 of us
but then
he insisted later got people coming
then shuning started to suspect something was wrong
haix so the plan sort of fell thru
but we enjoyed ourselves at k box very much
even huiyuan enjoyed herself right
thanks for pei he-ing me okay
you love chun ni~~~ lols

den proceeded to sianwei's house for stayover
at first agreed on meixin's hse but change of plans
we watched 10 promises to my dog
but actually no one was watching la
then in the afternoon xue had to leave first
den the rest of us proceeded to ikea for lunch
yup and after that sianwei sent us home
so nice
haha thanks to sianwei for driving us around =)))

and thanks for meixin,jiaxian,huiyuan and xue who made this possible.
loves these people <3

Monday, November 24, 2008 @ 9:53 PM

exams are finally over~~~
all has come to an end.
just hope that i will do well
thou i didn't really study very hard
oops =X
but meanwhile it's parteh time
yeah can go out liao
enjoy my holidays~~~

Sunday, November 23, 2008 @ 9:29 PM

i can say that i'm pretty much screwed for tmr's double paper.
haven't finished studying
i screwed up for last week's accounting paper too
super careless.
haix i dunno what have i been doing lahhh
i'm super uber slack.
can someone wake me up and tell me that i'm in uni now
and every exam determines what class of honours i get at the end of my 3 years here.
where has my motivation gone to??

on a side note
i'm super looking forward to end of exams
can't wait for everything to be over
yet i fear the results of not putting in full effort for these exams.

Sunday, November 16, 2008 @ 1:15 PM

haha weird eh.

no exams dun update blog

in the midst of exams den i update my blog.

*slaps myself*

well this afternoon i got a scare when i saw this outside my door

it's a freaking big grasshopper can

i was freaked out

but decided to take pictures of it

haha as i was holding my camera

i was so afraid it will suddenly fly or hop off..

and on a random note

this is when exam stress gets to you

and you go BONKERS~~


kk gotta really go study alr.

accounting exam tomorrow~~~~




ser min



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